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The Watch Dogs are Watching!What were they Thinking!?

What could our local governing agencies expect to accomplish by punishing and persecuting the unfortunate folks who are merely attempting to survive by living within their means. The reference made, of course, to the recently created ordinances by cities and counties throughout the country making it a crime for camping in public as termed by Sonoma County. However it is worded, it still skirts around the former abolishment of vagrancy laws and literally violates our Civil Liberties.

In April, 2006 the U.S. 9th District Appeals Court ruled that making it a crime to be homeless by charging them with a crime is in violation of the 8th Amendment. The previous link provides the complete transcript in PDF. Quoted pertinent excerpts of that transcript - are in the following:

L.A., Cal., Mun. Code ss 41.18(d) (2005).
A violation of section 41.18(d) is punishable by a
fine of up to $1000 and/or imprisonment of up to
six months. - Id. ss 
 -  id. at 568 n.31
(Fortas, J., dissenting);  the Eighth Amendment
prohibits the City from punishing involuntary
sitting, lying, or sleeping on public sidewalks
that is an unavoidable consequence of being
human and homeless without shelter in the City
of Los Angeles.

Complete transcript of

U.S. 9th District Court of Appeals


U.S.9th Dist Crt COMPLETE Transcript in PDF

HOWEVER, - as of June 15, 2010 despite that Federal Court ruling . . .

Some communities . . . (L.A., Sonoma County and S.F. included) have continued to enforce this illegal law. They are therefore (apparently), if not stupid then - are consciously being soooO arrogant to be so counterproductive, as to believe they are above the Federal Law - and are continuing to violate Civil Rights in this manner!!?


I am . . . a John Doe Homeless

	and these are my Viewpoints
	of those "progressive" developments
	of the Growth that has been
      "Good for the Economy"!!?

  Due to pResidential Executive Orders, the
   National Security Agency may read this without
   warning, warrant, or notice. They may do this
   without any judicial or legislative oversight.
   You have no recourse nor protection save to
   call for the impeachment of the current pResident,
   and the arrest of the entire BushCoup organized
   crime family.