It's the Economy - Stupid!

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Capitalism is the backbone of a democratic society. However, it is unfortunate for one of life's most essential necessecities (to wit: housing) to be exploited as a mere commodity to be bought and sold with profit minded goals ONLY with total disregard for a humane factor as a consequence. AND THEN on top of all the irreversible results to families being treated with a total lack of concern, this "commodity" has since the 1980's used in the largest pyramid scam by fraudulent minded bankers and landowners whose greed is a facsimile to writing bad checks, counterfeiting, and criminal shams damaging MILLIONS of lives now affecting every aspect of the commodity market. The worst insult is for the government who not only turned a blind eye to the true impact of the guilty, but even rewards those very criminals instead! The only trickling down are the results of the workers of the larger corporations having to "downsize". This didn't just begin to happen, but was in the works as the "bubble" was referenced to and like "floating" a checking account the inevitable results are occuring - JUST BEGINNING as we will soon note that this is all the CAUSE OF WHAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN!!?! The videos and links on "Connect the Dots" continue to explain more details of this audio.

Housing has always been the largest, and the most compelling household (and business) expense! The increases in housing costs have exceeded far beyond any increase in average or below average incomes extremely during the past 20 years, and this widening gap has been accelerating that trend with each year. Instead of promoting the need for more jobs... consider that more affordable jobs will perpetuate the ability to afford the increased housing costs! The idea that raising minimum wage causes inflation has misguided reasoning!! The 2006 minimum wage increase ($1.00 per hour) is the first increase in over 5 years. During that time housing costs have quadrupled, and the gas prices... (?)..... Southwest Airlines just announced the increase in their rates due to fuel cost increases - NOT the raising of minimum wages!!?! Stop fooling yourself and others by being blindsided with that illogical misconception!!

It's obvious that HUD's 3 yr + wait for over-crowded shelters are certainly not a corrective measure, but as a "band-aid" helped for natural disasters such as earthquakes, flood, fire, etc. It was never expected to solve problems of people retreating to a desperate way of life who themselves had no idea that it would be for as long a term as it has become. Being "warehoused" (in shelters) is not a viable alternative nor acceptable with many. With the close quarters, fight disturbances and unhealthy conditions, most don't accept the environments that add problems to the mix and do quite well with survivability by adapting and using improvised creativity.

HUD (like the shelters) are not a solution, and as a "band aid" also designed originally as temporary assistance, has been overburdened with waiting listsS (extremely long to be effective) and acumulated tax revenue drains. As a concept that these programs are helping with "transition to housing" continues to have a high recidivism rate... usually fairly soon after shelter is found, many can't even afford to reliably continue paying that cost of housing with undependable income and the lack of "affordable wages". This continues to distract the real truth in statistics of inaccurate improvements and quietly continues to add to the increase in the homeless population because they were never actually resolved. Even when polls are taken, so many are missed in the count. They are never found or even known about, as they don't use the various services (kitchens, shelters or assistance) where they would have been known from, and sometimes pride (or embarassment) compells them to remain unseen or be found out about especially by friends and/or co-workers.

Most people are clueless as to how many people they might know or are around frequently who have been or are currently homeless. They are often quick to evaluate someone by appearance and behavior as though those are the exclusive characteristics to judge someone by. Of course, while making it a crime to be homeless, you can't guess even close as to how many have gotten good at remaining hidden and inconspicuous. And of course, this only enhances the shortage of funds appropriated for erroneous totals. It's ironic when some of these "critics" of character turn up at the services centers themselves like so many of the new faces... but, all with the same look on their face. Similarly, many of you will also show up at one of the highly thought of centers, that don't (yet) know who you are. Many of us that are ahead of you will be there to let you know just who you are!

I am . . . a John Doe Homeless

and these are my Viewpoints
of those "progressive" developments
of the Growth that has been
 "Good for the Economy"!!?

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