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 It's the Economy Stupid!?
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It Doesn't Take a Disaster

to be a Catastrophe... anyone's life!


Now that everyone is aware what the economic imbalances have created as I had advocated against since 1982, now understand that it is not something that has JUST happened. The "ENRON Savings and Loan disclosure" was only the tip of an iceberg, and had JUST BEGUN at that time. I am only surprised that it took ten years for the rest of the dominoes to continue falling, and of course now the "experts" are finally saying that the economy will continue to fall more before improving - the first bank having to be bailed was a clue!!! We have yet to see the impact of the chain reaction, and that's without even considering the earth changes we have already seen occur! Without having a "timetable", it is a certainty that a sequence of events have begun to take place.

The tragedy that the victims of Katrina are dealing with is traumatic obviously, but not so obvious is how equally traumatic becoming homeless is even without having been preceded by a disaster. Homeless people have all had something tragic to compel the need to change a lifestyle to such desperate measures of living homelessly. Although economic loss occurs more slowly, losing life, property, life's worth in general with less physical damage or starling impact still wears constantly and is equally disconcerting. Especially as the despair accumulates and becomes overwhelming, depression sets in to distract the decision making process and sense of judgment. We've all heard of the results of the desperation in New Orleans (crimes of looting, assaults, etc.). "Survival mode" can often changes a sense of values, so consider how differently people will react in different ways to the same set of circumstances (just as people who try to help do as well). HOWEVER, it is not appropriate to blame all the homeless for the behavior of a few. Those with inappropriate behavior, behaved inappropriately BEFORE becoming homeless... and most of you who are not yet homeless know who you are!!

There is a difference between doing something about the homeless and doing something for the homeless. Thousands of citizens throughout the country (many of them for several years) have merely conceded to accept living within their means as best they can with obstacles that hopefully most people will never have to discover how they would deal with. A positive response (you would think) would focus on a solution for the economical imbalances, which has been primarily the largest contributing factor causing this growth (until the disclosure of all the fraudulent criminal behavior is not only overlooked but even rewarded by the bailouts). While the volatile rise in housing costs and the minimal wages that a majority (80%) try to live on, those with overzealous with "get-rich-quick" mentality had no concern for WHO they ripped off for their "fortune". Ironic that the "Greatest Pyramid Scam" has turned on some of the same greedy, typically. Meanwhile, newly created laws that intentionally skirt around the abolishment of former vagrancy laws to literally make it a "crime" just for trying to live within one's means!! This again not only adds insult to a compounded injury by victimizing the victims again, has not solved anything, is now more counterproductive, but violates the 8th Amendment according to the U.S. 9th District Court Ruling. The poetic justice is also that now many of them (you?) who encouraged it all (with the complaints) - this injustice that is something you also can look forward to with a $500 fine and/or 6 months in jail...!!

Where does everyone think these citizens are coming from . . . and who are/were they? And then consider who is going to add to this growing segment of population. Things have not JUST HAPPENED . . . What we see is merely what is going to cause what is about to happen. Someone said that there is a light at the end of the tunnel - I agree . . . and it's another runaway train coming from the other way!? The one result from the many citizens who Before Katrina hit over 3 MILLION were PAST THAT POINT of "one paycheck away" . . . (?), and have now recently become homeless, is that now the raids and shakedowns just for BEING somewhere are being conducted more aggressively with - GESTAPO TYPE TACTICS - like "Homeland Security" behaving with a wanna-be-"prison goon" mentality. Welcome to "Freedom in Sonoma County"!??

I am . . . a John Doe Homeless

and these are my Viewpoints
of those "progressive" developments
of the Growth that has been
 "Good for the Economy"!!?

     Due to pResidential Executive Orders, the
      National Security Agency may read this without
      warning, warrant, or notice. They may do this
      without any judicial or legislative oversight.
      You have no recourse nor protection save to
      call for the impeachment of the current pResident,
      and the arrest of the entire BushCoup organized
      crime family.