Nothing Shall Ever Be .....

. . . as it once was

To be aware ... or not to be aware ... it's knowing - that is the answer !
Welcome to the New World Order  U.$.$.A.!!

Fire - in Malibu . . . . . .
Flood in New Orleans . . . .
Drought in Georgia . . . . . . . .
Volcanoes in Hawaii . . . . . . . .
Earthquakes . . . . .Hurricanes . .
Tsunamis . . . etc.
. . ECONO-MY !

The Hypocrisy of the "Bureaucracy" perpetuates the complaints of services that purportedly are to help these victims of each tragedy? In the first place... what ever happened to..... "Preparedness"!!?? The over 1 million recent fire victims have obviously been VERY quickly located in shelters - while thousands of Katrina victims (many still scattered throughout the country) are still displaced! Provisions and facilities were apparently available all along, and meanwhile the Katrina victims have been just waiting in line for......... (!???) These "current disaster victims" expect assistance, with promise of cutting corners with insurance companies, FEMA, etc., to expedite their aid. WHY ARE THESE FOLKS SO MUCH MORE PRIVILEGED THAN ALL OF THE OTHER CITIZENS SURVIVING HOMELESSNESS!!?? (...particularly those who have been for years!)

The REALITY of "EQUALITY" shows up when a homeless citizen dies (at night from the elements, beaten, or set on fire, etc...... the news may mention it (briefly), then a quick closure - and no concern to follow up! Compare the equality to folks in Malibu with Katrina survivors who are still buying into familiar false promises as thousands of homeless citizens have for years... the waiting in lines, the persecutions, discriminations, and even hate crimes!! Homeless or just houseless, with or without the drama, it all results in identical stress, distress and depression... It Doesn't take a Disaster, to be a Catastrophe in anyone's life! Thousands have been striving to live within their means, hopeful for a change, with promised assistance that never happens - except for those who are skipped over to more current (selective) "crisis victims" !?

When was a meager existence during a failing economy not a crisis!!?? Being displaced from housing, losing life's worth, property, enduring an array of tragedies cause hardship to one's life, with often neglected medical needs that perpetuates problems. Regardless of the individual circumstance - the results are still - devastation, degradation, and then the depression. Losing property economically is not a "made for t.v. drama", like fire, mudslides, accidents or other exciting events that become "newsworthy" more than when just quietly passing that point of being "one-paycheck-away" from losing your place, your savings..... your "stuff" (often life's worth). When it's your "stuff", the loss and will cause as much trauma. The preceding months have a simmering build-up with a slow burn that embeds the depression when you finally need to focus on survival ability beyond just a pressure test!? The former citizens of New Orleans (waiting in line), have had to fend for themselves (still being neglected), are now just an addition to the over 3 million citizens who have been homeless for YEARS! The line grows (it doesn't move), and no-one cares to know... (or simply don't care)... except for when it's current drama, or... YOU!?

After the Dust Settles, and the drama dissipates, the only attention towards a homeless citizen is negative, a typical result from the subsequent increase of homeless traffic. This inevitability always results in an increase of "anonymous" complaints to police using "just don't want them here" (as though that area is somehow exclusive and that magically they can disappear). This all diverts attention from the cause of the problem, and all those previous discussions of compassionately helping others in need during a crisis are moot. The seeming expectation is that if I don't see, then it doesn't exist... (??) - WRONG !!?!... Nothing justifies abusing the use of authorities to harass someone, so if the accumulating volumes are tiring, then help solve that problem!! Only while linked to a current disaster... are there any concerns expressed for the homeless. Those able to recuperate, have no clue what has happened to some of their "friends" and neighbors who couldn't. While striving to recover from a series of accumulating misfortunes, with obstacles unnecessarily added to the experience, many have learned to exist with resourceful means - and with the closest experience to compassion is when a cop gives a warning instead of being charged (with a crime)!?


There is a difference: between doing something about the homeless, doing something for homelessness, but especially what is being done to them... particularly by those in trusted positions to assist the needs and expected to rectify the causes, but instead choose to create additional and unnecessary obstacles that perpetuate additional problems. While already striving to recover from a series of accumulating misfortunes initiated by economic imbalances between unreasonable housing costs and lack of affordable jobs, maintaining either one without the other is a perpetual hardship! After losing property, ability to maintain employment, facing discrimination, hate crimes, etc., many still learn to exist with resourceful means, although searching for reasonably priced (non-existent) housing with even less income than previous becomes irrelevant.

The newly created laws that skirt around the abolishment of former vagrancy laws have been sooo counterproductive, with no productive results, and additionally violate Civil Rights as now agreed with by the U.S. 9th District Court. However, some communities (apparently) believe they are above Federal Law as they continue the harassment in this manner! This has only resulted in an illusion of (brief) absence. The need to keep a low profile compels learning to be illusive. Soon, with the increasing numbers, the need to attempt finding work and provisions, the seeming absence is merely a temporary fix. A "game" like Musical Chairs is being played by being vacated - only to be promptly replaced by another. You will hope to avoid this game... while the number of "players" are increasing and the number of "chairs" diminish. Sooooooo . . . . . now . . . . . Malibu, San Diego, New Orleans, Georgia..... (and of course all those who were once greedy and are now facing the housing "bubble"). . . Welcome to OUR Party!!?!

	It (the party) has started without you...
	(or your "help").  And, if in the past
	you have attempted what you thought
	would be of sufficient help...  then
	enjoy the degree of "adequacy" that
	you find (!??)
	   Here is a typical set of scenarios
	you can expect.  Drop in centers, food
	banks, shelters and kitchens, have all
	become very lucrative as businesses.
	Some, have even made it obvious that
	the growing problem much less put a
	stop to that growth in an attempt to
	end the need!?  Of course they do
	provide assistance and referrals to the
	local various sources (food, clothes,
	blankets and "stuff"). That, of course,
	will be more "stuff" that you'll have
	to carry around with you (shopping
	carts are illegal and if your attention
	becomes just momentarily distracted, it
	will disappear quickly).  It actually
	becomes fortunate when you can USE most
	of it before it's either stolen or
	damaged by weather... but you can
	count on losing it all eventually in
	the next police raid anyway!?
	   There is usually a waiting list for
	space at any of the shelters but if you
	are willing to go through the process
	to be "warehoused", you'll have another
	opportunity to lose the remainder of
	your stuff or even fight over it, etc.
	Then, after more processing, whenever
	space does become available you will
	have a limited amount of time left to
	spend finding that . . .

If that sequence of events seem depressing...can you even begin to
comprehend those (prior to Katrina) hundreds of thousands of citizens
who have been enduring those routines for years!!? IE: well beyond
being "one paycheck away. . ." (?!!)

There has been nothing - (currently or in the past) - that has even begun to actually address the economic causes that have been contributing - (and still are!) - to the accelerated growth of our homeless populations!!?

Sooo . . . Coming soon (to a neighborhood near YOU!), is this new game, (and if you think you don't like the one played so far... wait until you get a load of worse!!). It's already started, with over a million veteran players that have been in training!!? The stakes are... Another one of our Civil Rights being compromised!! The goal is...Get these illegal laws rescinded! The rules are... In a democracy, (even in this hypocrisy), the majority will rule !! During this past holiday season (2007) 25 million that went to food banks and ate at the "kitchens". Most of them were NOT homeless... (there are just over 3 million homeless nationally documented in 2007, but indicates a likely probable up and coming)!? Recent estimates are that 25% of the homeless populations are military veterans - and counting. Our players are and have been increasing. Resulting from current worsening of real estate costs... (let alone the war's end will increase a ("surge") volume of "re-enforcements" who are already resentful. The future veterans will have animosity in changing the rules and the score. Either the majority will make a change..... or mobs will. We are not playing chess... but, it's your move as it has been. If you don't like the way the game has been played so far . . . continue to do nothing and know that someone else will (and how it impacts you may just be another surprise!??)

What is being grossly overlooked are the over 3 million citizens who have been homeless, for YEARS. 2 million of those - were not homeless 5 years ago!! Who are they, and where did they come from? Then, (moreover) ... who do you think the next 2 million will be!!???

There are many of you - who will show up at centers like so many of the new faces... (though all with the same typical look on your face). I see them all when they show up), and many of you don't yet know who you are but I'll be around to let you know who you are, how you could have done something before becoming - just another one of "them"(!!?!) ... and as for those of you, who have been kicking homeless people to the curb . . . we will all know who you are !!


NOTICE: Due to pResidential Executive Orders, the National Security Agency may read this without warning, warrant, or notice. They may do this without any judicial or legislative oversight. You have no recourse nor protection save to call for the impeachment of the current pResident, and the arrest of the entire BushCoup organized crime family.

I am . . . a John Doe Homeless

and these are my Viewpoints
of those "progressive" developments
of the Growth that has been
 "Good for the Economy"!!?