AS TRUE TODAY - as it was then!!?!
Restore The Republic - The Home of the Freedom Movement!
Restore The Republic - The Home of the Freedom Movement!
CONNECT this First DOT!!

To Believe, or Not to Believe . . .

. . .it's Knowing . . that Answers the Question!

Meet a  John Doe Homeless


... They are NOT"THEORIES"


A. John Doe Homeless

These videos collectively provide recently disclosed details by those "in-the-know", that reveal beliefs everyone has actually known all along... but without details to confirm them. The revelations in these videos will allow you to form a picture when you connect the dots, like pixels in a picture. The only thing more frightening than the picture you will see . . . is NOT seeing them!! By just not looking - will not make the frightening part go away!!

Movie producer Aaron Russo who ran for governor in Nevada died recently from cancer. After researching information that lead to corruption in the U.S. Government, his final years were dedicated to publicizing these discoveries in a series of videos. The many facts by unrelated sources cannot dispute validation.

"" to raise the issues, then more details disclosed on others. His subsequent videos and webs and will reveal how naive unawareness has resulted in the public (YOU) being taking advantage of for decades.

Alex Jones (whose radio show has provided him with a wealth of connected documentations), has posted several videos on his web and are a must see - to realize how history is repeating itself... and while everyone is just watching the accumulating events happen.

"Economic Hit Man" and other books by John Perkins are posted on his web. He lost respect for his government job when he realized the extent of his being used. It became inevitable for others to have also felt obligated to come forth (including pilots who were on key locations during 911 and (some at obvious potential personal risk) divulge the truths most of us have suspected all along. These responsible sources provide actual transcript and down to earth conversations detailing disclosure of attempted hushed information.

It is both alarming and sadly confirming, but irrefutable when you consider the only possible motivation for the disclosures from so many directions... yet all re-enforce each other! Many circumstances that leading up to even well known historical events (including "911") would frequently be poorly publicized if even revealed at all. When possible an incident would be treated as "isolated" or "unrelated". The allegation of "cover-ups" are easily disregarded since most people believe the system to be infallible and even honorable. The Videos and Webs at Restore the Republic/"Washington your Fired!" (audio) reviews many other crucial facts thoroughly. While startling, it is informative and you will wish you had seen sooner!

* * * * * RESEARCH THE RESEARCHERS : * * * * *
. . . and - it is - (whether you are watching it or not!?)!!

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Like a pixel forming an image, each video adds to a bigger picture
representing both current events and historical fact. You may see
different pictures - or the same picture with a different point of
view. However, equally as important to realizing a bigger picture,
is that by - just not looking to see it at all does not mean that it,
or those (hopefully) unlikely variations do not exist!

Nothing shall ever be... as it once was

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        may read this without warning, warrant, or notice. They may do this
        without any judicial or legislative oversight. You have no recourse -
        nor protection - save to (belatedly) call for the impeachment of the
        current pResidente, and the arrest of the entire BushCoup organized
        crime family.