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A . John Doe Homeless

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Houseless is not Homeless

Typically, governing agencies come up with the wrong solution to a given problem. An example is the focus on band-aids for problems instead of a fix-it attempt, as do amendments to an amendment of an amendment. Likewise, there wouldn't be more need for more food at the kitchens and food banks, more shelters (there are apparently plenty of kitchens and food banks), if only the client population was reduced (instead of growing). The contribution to that problem is that some of the former donators are now clients! And where is this increasing portion of the population coming from, who are they, and who will the next increasing numbers come from?

Houseless is not Homeless

It Doesn't take a Disaster . . .

to be a Catastrophe . . .

. . . in anyone's life!?

The tragedy that the victims of Katrina are dealing with is traumatic obviously, but not so obvious is how equally traumatic becoming homeless without being preceded by a disaster. Although the loss occurs more slowly, losing life, property, life's worth in general with less physical damage or starling impact still wears constantly and is equally disconcerting. Especially as the despair accumulates and becomes overwhelming, depression sets in to distract the decision making process and sense of judgment. We're all aware of some of the results, but consider how different people react in different ways to the same set of circumstances. Those with inappropriate behavior, behaved inappropriately before becoming homeless. Specifically, it is not appropriate to blame all the homeless for the behavior of a few.

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It's the Economy - Stupid!

Housing has always been the largest, and the most compelling household (and business) expense! The increases in housing costs have exceeded far beyond any increase in average or below average incomes extremely during the past 20 years, and this widening gap has been accelerating that trend with each year. Instead of promoting the need for more jobs... consider that more affordable jobs that perpetuate the ability to afford the increasing housing costs! The idea that raising minimum wage causes inflation is misguided reasoning!! The 2006 minimum wage increase ($1.00 per hour) is the first increase in over 5 years. During that time housing costs have quadrupled, and the gas prices... (?).....

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What were they Thinking!?

What could our local governing agencies expect to accomplish by creating a crime that skirts around the abolishment of former vagrancy laws that persecutes (seemingly defenseless) citizens who are merely attempting to get by within their means. While existing hardships of living "in the rough” exacerbates the challenges to recuperate, violating Civil Rights additionally impedes potential, has encouraged harassment, discrimination and hate crimes. Moreover, with the already complicated existing problems to deal with, the illegal laws often compel a clandestine and nefarious lifestyle and have proven to be counter-productive to everyone concerned!

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Boycotting the purchase of housing has the right intentions. However, even just paying rent (ie: landowner support) results in diminishing the desired effect which already has slight influence. Since you are still paying into "the system", others will benefit by affording to hold out longer before selling and consequentially be able to avoid reducing their price. Half-hearted commitment offers only half-"hearted" results.

Eye on So Co Freedom

U.S. 9th District Court Rules

Thanks to the American Civil Liberties Union of Southern April 14, 2006 the U.S. 9th District Court of Appeals has ruled that "The City could not expressly criminalize the status of homelessness by making it a crime to be homeless without violating the Eighth Amendment, nor can it criminalize acts that are an integral aspect of that status." Events leading up to this point are detailed on the page linked here. However, there are still some cities and counties ( S.F., Sonoma County, and L.A. included) who if not stupid, then are being so arrogant as to continue to violate Civil Rights of citizens (for simply being homeless) in this manner!

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